CT scans

Find out more about CT scans of Head, Neck and Ears.

One of the most important tools used for diagnosing sinus and ear-related problems is a computed tomography (CT) scan. CT scanners create 3 dimensional x-ray images of the anatomy, giving the Oregon Ear, Nose and Throat Center (OENT) physicians valuable information for an accurate diagnosis. By using the latest advancements in CT technology, our doctors can now take sinus and ear CT scans in our office a small, open-style, upright CT scanner that creates fast, exceptional quality images of the sinuses and ears, while keeping radiation dosage to a minimum. Even claustrophobic patients have no problem tolerating the scans.

The CT exam will allow your physician to evaluate whether your symptoms are from sinusitis, nasal polyps, or structural problems in the nose (such as a deviated nasal septum) and immediately begin the correct treatment.

The Oregon Ear, Nose and Throat Center imaging department is fully accredited by ICACTL, a demonstration of our commitment to quality care. The cost for our CT services is typically lower than hospital based imaging facilities.